The Forgotten

Felix Schaad’s comic-strip report looks at the projects being carried out by MSF in eastern Ukraine.

In the conflict between the Ukrainian army and the separatists in eastern Ukraine, many health centres have been destroyed by artillery, causing staff to flee and medical care for thousands to collapse.

With the elderly particularly hard-hit, MSF has introduced a comprehensive programme to treat chronic illness. In Mariupol and Kurakhove, MSF teams are running mobile clinics and also offering psychological help.

Making of

In the beginning, the staff from MSF seemed a bit skeptical about the Swiss cartoonist who had joined them in eastern Ukraine. “But once they saw themselves in the drawings, the ice was broken,” recalls Felix Schaad. This is not the first time that the cartoonist from the Swiss-German daily newspaper Tages Anzeiger has travelled with pen and paper to a crisis area. Two years ago, he visited an MSF project in Sierra Leone and created a comic strip about Ebola.

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